Learning Support

This school year will be a challenge for many students and parents. We are providing additional services at discounted rates to help students to have a successful school year.

Distance Learning Support

Our NYS Certified teachers will provide live instruction to teach the students the assigned distance learning work. Sessions can be one-on-one or small groups. Groups will be formed based on school distance, course, and level. Our tutors are available during the school day, after school, and on the weekends for flexible scheduling.

Homework Help

Students can join live groups sessions with NYS certified teachers. Homework help will be structured similarly to extra help. The students will submit their questions and the teacher will go over how to answer the question and ensure that the student understands the steps necessary to answer similar questions on their own.

Additional Resources

Our students have access to additional resources including video instruction made by our tutors, Google Classroom activities for review and practice, and a variety of subscription services. Our students and parents are also welcome to attend our workshops for free.