Questions to Ask

Here is a list of suggested questions to ask a company before hiring them to tutor your child.

  1. How do you select the tutors that you hire?
  2. Are your tutors New York State certified teachers?
  3. Do your tutors only tutor within their area of certification?
  4. Are your tutors currently teaching?
  5. Are your tutors trained specifically in tutoring methods?
  6. Are you accredited?
  7. What kind of tutoring process do you use?
  8. Do you provide additional materials?
  9. Do you have workshops?
  10. Do you provide academic coaching?
  11. What is the cancellation policy?
  12. How many sessions do I have to purchase?
  13. Where are the sessions conducted?
  14. Do you work with the classroom teachers?
  15. How long is each session?