January 2, 2018

Written By: Jenny Wise

Got a house full of bored kids this winter? No matter how much snow you have, they can’t play outside all day. At some point, they have to come inside and warm up. Now you’ve got to keep their minds and bodies busy. But how?

Don’t worry. There are plenty of ways to keep them busy indoors without driving you insane in the process. You can even use the computer or tablets to keep them active, without losing them to mindless cartoons or video games. That way you don’t even have to try to pry their little hands away from the screens.

Check out some websites that have educational games for kids. There are sites that challenge young minds while they think they’re playing games. There are games for every school subject, including math, science, history, social studies, and more. Some are based on TV shows they can watch, but others are just there to teach your kids interesting stuff.

Did you know that you can download real estate lesson plans to help kids learn? Real estate is a complex field that requires skills in math, science, English, social studies, and home economics. By incorporating real estate-based lessons into your curriculum, you can help students gain valuable skills in practical math application, presentation giving, forming a persuasive argument, earth science, and so much more.

Encourage young artists with online videos that teach kids how to draw. The videos are age-rated so that kids can learn how to draw their favorite characters. The great thing is that adults can join the fun, too. Who wouldn’t want to learn to draw? There are also some great videos that show how to make crafts and projects, which will entertain your kids on any cold, rainy day.

Get them moving with dance videos on YouTube. There are a variety of videos to watch, including ballet, Bollywood, Zumba, and more. Clear some room on the floor and let your kids bounce around to the music. They’ll get all their energy out, so they’ll relax with you later. Get in there and dance with them so you’ll get a good workout, too.

Older kids can learn a new language on any cell phone or tablet by spending just a few minutes per day. There are several language-learning apps available, and some are even free or have a free trial period. If your children are already learning a language at school, phone apps can help improve their vocabulary and grammar. Learn along with them, and you can speak to each other in another language together, then plan a fun trip!

You can teach them how to code with free coding systems, like or CodeCombat. Learning to code is a modern skill that all kids can pick up and use in the future whether they become computer programmers or not. Learning to code helps kids with logic, problem-solving, math, persistence, and critical thinking. This is another skill you can learn along with them and perhaps even create a new career for yourself, or at least expand your understanding of websites and applications.

Get your teen learning college-level information with MOOCs, or Massive Open Online Courses. MOOCs are basically free college courses. You don’t get credit for them, but you can learn just about anything you like. Sometimes college professors can explain things in detail that the typical high school teacher doesn’t have the time for. Another option is to get them into educational podcasts or online radio programs. There are tons of options for learning the ways of the world. Just type a subject into a podcast player, and you’ll have lots of podcasts to listen to.

Learning along with your children can help you bond with them, as well as learn what they are learning. You’ll make special memories and have quality time with your children. Indoor days will no longer be spent staring at the TV or gazing out the window.